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According to the ideals of Swami Vivekananda man is the focal point of all developments. We also believe that human being is most important creature in this world. So, the development of Human resource is our prime object. We try our best to achieve the required development of that resource from childhood to old age covering every aspect of life through the following strategies:

  1. Ensuring health for all especially pregnant and lactating mothers, babies, adolescent girls and the people in general.
  2. Ensuring education for all especially the children of needy families, specially able Children and so on.
  3. Reducing economic disparity through economic projects in our project area.
  4. Broadening the scope of employment for educated young people through skill development programs and professional trainings (Teachers’ Trainings).
  5. Development of road communication system in the local villages.
  6. Eco-development through plantation program and low cost latrines.
  7. Development of cultivation.
  8. Taking care of needy senior citizens.
  9. Promotion of creativity and culture including sports and games through different programs.
  10. Ensuring care & protection of children and women.
  11. Propagation of moral education through different activities.
  12. Ensuring all round development of the physically challenged with aids & appliances.
  13. Encouraging quality of education in teaching