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Members & well-wishers are the main resources of this organization. There are 126 members on roll, out of which 105 are male and 21 are female. Role of so many well – wishers enriched the chapter of project performance of this NGO.

We may point out to the fact that some of our senior or aged members are being partly indifferent and not participating in the day to day activities of this organization. It may be owing to their personal difficulties. We appeal to them to participate as much as possible. On the contrary, We are very glad to say that the young generation of the locality are found interested to come under the tent of our organization as new members. We welcome them provided that their bio-data will be scrutinized strictly. The performance of existing general members, especially young ones and lady members who are participating with great sincerity & activeness are satisfactory. It is important to say that a thorough change in Management has been done in last executive committee reconstitution wherein the active members of younger generation have been elected. Of course, the experienced  members like Mr. Braja Gopal Sahoo, Mr. Nishikanta Jana and Mr. Satyaranjan Das remained as our guides. The existing members of the Executive Committee have helped the General Secretary to the best of his satisfaction and performed duties entrusted on them very sincerely & satisfactorily. The Secretary is grateful to them. It is needless to say that the officers & staff engaged in different projects have done their duties more or less satisfactorily. The Secretary thanks to all the staff members for their sincere discharge of duties for implementation of project activities.