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Although Vivekananda Loksiksha Niketan has been working for the people of the locality for more than three decades, yet the authority and the workers of the Niketan strongly feel that they have not been able to touch even the visible tip of the iceberg of the problems faced by the local community. The problems are too many and our resources are so small like a drop in the ocean.

However, through the untiring efforts during the past years we have been able to collect the local people on a common platform with a common vision that made them united for united action for a common goal. And hence we have been able to rescue and take care with protection of abundant, surrendered and fondling babies finally making them settled in families being adopted. Further, we have been capable of upliftment and all round integrated development of both mothers and their babies. Babies of working and ailing mothers have been provided with maternal care including their supplementary nutrition, pre-school education and with these the concerned mother are benefited as well. Now we are able cater to children of vulnerable group in need of care, protection, education and development.

Our programmes have played a considerable role on rescue and anti-trafficking not only of children but also of girls and women. The role has covered anti dowry and anti child marriage as well. We have also been able to take care and give protection towards development of shelterless & helpless women   finally rehabilitated. We could mitigate family problems especially conjugal disputes outside the court. Senior citizens have been taken care through our year long programmes. We could provide helpless old people with care and protection at their last stage of life.

The village road communication system in the locality has been developed as we made some moorum (laterite) roads through villages. The eco-system of the locality has been developed by our plantation programme and afforestation programme.

The NGO has played a major role on health and hygiene of the village people with safe drinking water through installation of tube wells. The role includes various programmes on adolescent girls and that have improved the life of the target group in the locality. Towards development in cultivation in the area we installed shallow tube wells for irrigation and the people concerned have got benefitted therefor. We have provided the poor villagers with low cost houses and low cost latrines for safe shelters and sanitation respectively.

Vocational trainings for the unemployed both male and females have helped them in employment. A good many number of young generation have got their jobs undergoing vocational trainings conducted in this organization.

Towards upliftment of socio-economic status of the local poor especially of women we have achieved a considerable success through various programmes on women empowerment. Different vocational trainings including some production units achieved the same purpose. The NGO has provided the women working far away from their homes with a suitable shelter in the local town.

Our educational programmes have covered teaching VI & MR Children as well as their teachers along with general teachers’ training courses.

The NGO has enhanced and updated the quality of life of the especially abled persons with its materialistic direct approach.

Our cultural activities including sports & games along with publication of literary magazines have made a significant role in the all-round development process of the common mass here.

 More than 550 people have got their jobs in this organization and that is no less success.

Thus, we see, our activities have improved every aspect of human life in the locality.