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Family Counseling Centre (FCC)

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Women are not only in vulnerable and difficult situation outside their home  but more often than not, become victimized with both physical & mental tortures, the women have to get rid of it either escaping from the family or having amicable & respectful settlement with the family members, specially with husband. Such sufferer or victimized women get help from this centre after appealing to appropriate authority ie counselors. After receipt of complains the counselor in charge calls on the husband or inlaws for  discussion between husband & wife, to dispose of the disputes through   settlements, to provide legal assistance or arranging rehabilitation for the   victimized women. In case of failure, the  counselor refers the case to the Sub Divisional Court.

The number of cases handled during the year is stated below.

Particulars of cases                                        No. of cases          Gross total of

                                                                         during 2013-14     cases since  



1.Nos of  cases Registered                                    105                        1066

2.Nos. of cases disposed                                        50                       766

3.Nos. of  cases amicably settled                            48                       515

4.Sases referred to LAF for legal assistance            04                       114

5.Cases saved from police assistance                     02                       33

6.Cases saved from Trafficking                             NIL                     42

  1. Cases ref. to other FCC 01                       01
  2. Cases referred to SSH/WC/PO             01                       10

SSH-2, P.O-1

  1. Nos. of cases drop out NIL                     06

10.Nos. of cases Divorce                                       07                        28

11.Nos of cases got maintence                              06                        47

12.Mutually separated                                           01                        15

  1. Cases pending /on Process 55                       –
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